Anyone’s Game

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Sophie Asmus is a refugee from Revolutionary Russia. She makes an impulsive marriage in Constantinople and her husband takes her back to his home, a fishing port in Scotland. This new life is at first exciting but Sophie quickly realises she has made a terrible mistake and breaks out for a second time.

She flees back to Russia with her son but her idealism is out of kilter with the way the Soviet Union is developing. She returns to England, tries to live as a single woman in London then finds her way to the intellectual circles of Cambridge, where changes affecting society are more discussed than realised.

ANYONE’S GAME¬†is a novel about a young woman in search of a place and a role; the decisions she takes to stay in control come under ever greater pressure.¬†Lesley Chamberlain has created a heroine for more than one time and country.

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Publication date: 03/09/2012

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781905128198

Pages: 371

Format: Trade paperback